Addams Family Spoof Invitation

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▒ THE ADDAMS FAMILY Halloween Invitation  ▒
I will put your HEADS on the body of the ADDAMS FAMILY characters as REALISTICALLY as the examples shown example. You can change the text to suit your occasion.
Please note, pricing differs for the AMOUNT of people/pets required to be placed in this card. Characters can be human or the FAMILY PET!

For best results send HIGH QUALITY, HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS. Front facing in daylight are best. Do not attempt to cut out the photo …I will make the head blend in with the body so that it looks realistic. NO COSTUME REQUIRED

Do NOT attempt to cut out your photos I will do that for you. Upload good quality full photographs and don’t forget to customize the text to suit the occasion. This invitation comes as a DIGITAL FILE for printing at home, uploading to a professional printer or emailing to friends and family.  Select optional printing if you would prefer Party Photo Invitations to take care of the printing for you.

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